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  3. Excellent game ckatherine Is Nc6 even a move after 3. e5?
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  5. Board Size in Friends List thibault Good catch; I got it fixed. Try a hard refresh (ctrl+r) on the puzzle page.
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  10. It would be a great motion yes It turns out that u can chat outside the tv.
  11. Board Size in Friends List PigsRule Same problem. Friends' game previews are massive when I'm on puzzle screens.
  12. It would be a great PigsRule I don't see why this would be necessary... It's simple enough to click […]
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  15. It would be a great motion It would be great if They put chat on the TV, just a fast thought
  16. "Examine" mode (would be nice to have -) mietk Just logged in to say how great this update is, thanks thibault & co.!
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  20. "Examine" mode (would be nice to have -) mandeep How do we use this feature?
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