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 Hourly Blitz 50m  2
 Hourly Bullet 30m  19
 Sloan  1+0 Anti Rated 40m  1/4
 Block  2+0 Anti Rated 45m  2/4
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  1. (feature request) Tournament (0+5) mihailp I want to create tournament 0+5. Plz, implement.
  2. Swiss-system in Tournaments Yersinia_Pestis all valid responds, but is it so difficult to program a more balanced […]
  4. OPENING PerPeroGlu no such thing ;)
  5. What is your opinion about hav […] motion I think It is good specially if u find people that match ur taste lik […]
  6. What is your opinion about hav […] motion that u cant follow them I follow 55 because I like to be friendly bu […]
  7. What is your opinion about hav […] rzenaikrzys If a lot of people are following You, it's a sign of respect for You
  8. What is your opinion about hav […] DunnoItAll Don't care either way.
  9. Lichess vs SS_Totenkopf I'm actually amazed that anyone still plays on anymore. Lich […]
  10. hiding information; opponents […] BearJr That`s all nonsense in my opinion, because: 0) Log in anonymously - p […]
  11. [GAMES] Post your best games here! orionchess Motion, thanks, it was interesting. I`ve also found another game of m […]
  12. MAD GAME !!! ttttttttttt It was quite a mad game)
  13. Incredible BLUNDER!!!! proof_07 I did notice that with each new game , my chess becomes worse and worse.
  14. Incredible BLUNDER!!!! AceMove3 Lol dude u must feel terrible haha i'm sorry for you : (
  15. Incredible BLUNDER!!!! LM F_D89 It was a blitz game (which "is not real chess" - Botvinnik, Kramnik, e […]
  16. Stockfish 6 is released Clarkey Skill levels are determined my lichess, not stockfish.
  17. Stockfish 6 is released Toadofsky "Regularly" might not be the right word since I've been overwhelmed wi […]
  18. Resignation warning PigsRule Yup, […]
  19. Incredible BLUNDER!!!! proof_07 Sorry, thats right link
  20. Resignation warning I-checkmated I have an idea for resignation warning. Whenever resign button is clic […]
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